We support your child and you to ensure optimal growth and development

We are four highly trained experienced pediatricians who agreed to open a practice where we provide comprehensive and compassionate care for your children as well as support for you as a parent. Our drive is a commitment to the wellbeing of every child within its family as well as passion for pediatric medicine.

We understand that a trusting relationship between the child, the parents and his/her doctor is essential for a successful treatment. Therefore regular visits are always with the same doctor. In emergency situations when the own pediatrician might not be available we cover for each other, so that we can always provide adequate and immediate care for your child.

We profit as professionals from the exchange among us, we stay on top of new guidelines and findings in the pediatric field through regular educational seminars. The high quality of our work is essential to us and we constantly work on maintaining it.

We do not take your trust in us for granted. We are thankful to be able to see children grow and change every day, to see parents love their children unconditionally as well as worry about them and their future.  We are open to receive all your questions and worries and support you as a family all the way.